We are a Warrington based search engine optimisation company and we specialise in getting you more traffic to your website.

Having a good online presence and appearing on page one of the search engine rankings for keywords that generate you clients is vital for any modern business.

A search term with 2000 monthly searches will result in approximately 600 clicks for the number one ranked web page, with a conversion rate of just 3% that is an additional 18 customers.

Multiply this by five or more keywords, that's more than 90 new customers each and every month! How much is your new customer lifetime spend?

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Can you really get me on page one of Google?

So far we have seen all client websites higher up the search engine rankings getting the majority of clients onto page one for some if not all the agreed search terms, these are search terms that are highly relevant and show user purchase intent.

As we are an open and honest company we have to say that no one can control the search engine results that are shown by Google or Bing etc. These search engine results, often called SERPS, are the output of complex and changing algorithms that the search engine uses in an attempt to provide users with the most relevant search results.

That last sentence is key, most relevant search results. If your website is highly relevant for the users search then with all the work we carry out you will be up there on page one!

Not only will you be on page one for the agreed keywords but you will be ranking in the top 100 for potentially thousands of other keywords. In fact you will probably find yourself on page one for a decent number of these too.

Imagine how many extra visitors this will bring your website and the increase in sales this would lead to!!

How much does your SEO service cost?

We wont lie, SEO costs money. The good news is that done correctly it will generate more income and profit than it will cost you, but it is a long game and initially it may cost more than it returns, especially in the first 3 months.

Our SEO packages start at £600 and go all the way up to £4000 depending on the number of keywords. If you don't want to use one of our packages we can put a quote together just for you.

There are three things that will affect the cost of search engine optimisation and you should consider how these will impact on your SEO requirements:

  • the number of keywords you want the SEO campaign to cover
  • the number of locations you want to target
  • how quickly you want to see results

To work out how many keywords you want to rank for consider how many services you sell (if you are in the service industry) and how big your catchment area is.

If you are an accountant and offer limited company accounts, sole trader accounts, partnership accounts, management accounts and payroll services to Warrington businesses in then this would be five keywords.

If you wanted to target Warrington and Manchester then this would be 10 keywords.

Removing the location and using the generic terms would be targeting five key words nationally. We tend to advise against this unless you truly do offer a national service as attempting to rank nationally, especially on competitive keywords, can take a lot of resources and money.

Why should I choose you?

We are a small company offering SEO from our Warrington office. We don't care if you are a small Warrington business, a medium sized local business or even a large national business, we will be delighted to look and see if we can help you with your SEO marketing.

We will offer our honest opinion about where your website is currently, the amount of work required to get your website to rank higher and how much this will cost you as well as what sort of return you can expect on your investment.

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We will review your website and send you a short video with our findings. All for FREE with no obligation.

Our three stage SEO process

We have a clear three stage SEO strategy so that you, our clients, are clear on what actions we are taking each month and why. We repeat steps two and three each month and review step one to ensure no future issues are found.

Technical SEO, the solid foundation

Creating great content and quality links is no good if the technical foundations of your website are poor. It would be like burning money and no one wants to do this.

That's why we start each month with an SEO audit where we look at things such as page speed, mobile friendly design, meta data and dead links. We can either fix these issues for you or you can have your developer implement our recommendations.

Well written engaging content

Content is king, this has been true for years and will be for years to come.

Google wants to see websites with unique, well written and engaging content that provides value to people searching. We aim to create content that does just that.

We use keyword research and latest market trend analysis to identify topics that we feel your target audience would like to read and that they would search for.

Link building

Some links are better than others and some can be harmful, we actively ensure your link profile contains only high quality links to your website.

By creating the great content we encourage relevant and authoritative websites to link to your website and its content from either their website or social media platforms.

In addition we reach out to relevant 3rd party blogs to encourage them to view the content on your website and provide in content links on appropriate blog posts on their website.

What do you include in your search engine optimisation service?

The tasks we complete each month will vary depending on the cost of your SEO service but typically it will involve some or all of the below:

  • SEO audit
  • optimise your existing pages for your chosen keywords including your title tags, meta descriptions, headers, content and images
  • create new optimised pages where required
  • ensure search engine friendly URLs are in place
  • set up HTML and XML site maps
  • improve your site speed if needed

In month two we repeat the SEO audit to make sure nothing new has been found and then we:

  • finish optimising your existing pages
  • review and correct any error (404) pages
  • review and update any existing redirects and create new ones if appropriate
  • complete local citations including Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, Yellow Pages etc
  • complete a backlink audit and if you have any bad links disavow them in Google
  • set up a blog on your website and start creating content
  • start to work on outreach to generate links to your website

For month three and beyond we rinse and repeat:

  • SEO audit and any actions required
  • backlink audit and disavow if need be
  • create more great content
  • outreach to generate links

The amount of pages optimised, content written and links generated by outreach will be dependent on the value of your SEO service.

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