Making Your Website Work For Your Business

We specialise in making websites like yours generate more money for your business

My website doesn't appear in Google

My website looks ugly on mobiles and tablets

My website doesn't make my business money

Does the above sound familiar?

Don't worry you're not alone. Lots of businesses just like yours struggle to generate leads from their website. Either because no one can find their website on Google, because their website attracts the wrong type of visitor or simply that their website does not convert the visitors that they do get.

Non of this is your fault! You might be able to install a central heating system or offer complex tax advice, that doesn't mean you are an expert with website design or SEO, we certainly can't do plumbing or advise on tax. What we can do though is work with you to solve the problems you are facing.

We can help you!

We have one goal and that is to increase the amount of money your business makes from its website.

If you choose to work with us and we accept you as a client (we can be fussy on who we work with) then over time we will increase your exposure in Google and other search engines to ensuring you rank highly for search terms that matter to your business and ensure that your website converts visitors into leads no matter what device they use to view your website on.

Yes I want more leads from my website

and I want you to work with me to make me more money

My website is on page one of Google

My website looks great on all devices

My website makes my business money

What is Audana NW Ltd?

Audana is a small company and was started by me, Rob Heywood, and it's a combination of my children's names! So cute I hear you cry!

I started designing websites over 10 years ago and have naturally progressed into search engine optimisation as this is a next stage for website owners. You get a website built, you then need to market it.

What we are not is salesmen, there will be no fancy sales pitches or squeezes from us. We will be open and up front about what we can and can't do to help your business. And once a client you will continue to deal with me and not some account manager who has been allocated your business.